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Baseline 32 g

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Product Description

Our Baseline colours are bright, water activated, durable, comfortable to have on the skin, and easy to work with that provide great coverage! They have enough pigmentation to provide you with maximum colour, and since our colours have a skin safe base they don’t crack.Cameleon colours are easy to apply, and are perfect for all of your needs.  Use Cameleon colours with a brush or sponge.  Don’t add water directly to the cakes, but dip your brush or sponge into a little water. You can however moist your cake with a vaporizer lightly. Do not apply to broken or damage skin.  Discontinue use of any paint if a rash develops.  Avoid contact with fabrics, carpets and upholstery.Remove with soap and water or water based baby wipes.  Some traces of colour may remain for a short period after washing.   Cracks may form in the cakes.  These cracks have no effect on the makeup.